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Hijos de Rivera Group

For over 100 years Hijos de Rivera has been an independent company, with 100% Spanish and family-owned capital. With a broad portfolio of products including beer, mineral water, wine, cider, sangria and liquors, it faces the future backed up by outstanding growth that has led to doubling the turnover in the last five years and consolidating its position as a prestigious national operator with a marked international vocation. In this regard, the company's products are present throughout Spain and in over 30 different countries worldwide, and are warmly welcomed by consumers.

The roots of the story lie in beer. The project was born in 1906 and over the years grew beyond the company's flagship brand, Estrella Galicia, by incorporating new products such as 1906 Special Reserve and Estrella Galicia 0.0, thereby completing a range of beers whose trademark is quality. Over the last two decades, growth has greatly surpassed the sector average and the company's brands have taken up a solid position in the national market while at the same time they have expanded into markets from Brazil to Australia, via China, Russia, the Philippines and the United States, among many others.

At the same time, in 1906, Nobel Prize Winner Santiago Ramón y Cajal certified the excellent quality and properties of the water from Cabreiroá, giving rise to a company that became part of the group in the 1990's. Since then it has revolutionised the mineral water market in its commitment to an avant-garde style, but always carefully looking after the spring its products come from. The subsequent purchase of Agua de Cuevas completed the company's water range in its vocation of customer service through the best and most diverse portfolio of products.

Commitment to innovation in all its fields is the driving force behind Custom Drinks, a company that not only produces cider, sangria, grape juice and summer red wine, but also applies the latest market trends to its products and develops "made-to-order" concepts, tailored to the needs of each customer. This is a business area conceived to maintain a constant dynamism in its activity and anticipate the future through an agile and flexible structure.

Ponte da Boga, the wine cellar in the spectacular surroundings of the Ribeira Sacra, has carried out detailed research in recent years and has recovered local varieties that have given rise to very special wines and obtained international recognition for their quality and originality. The care and devotion required to grow vines on the Roman terraces dotting the banks of the River Sil are popularly known as "heroic vinegrowing"; from these grapes much-appreciated wines and a wide range of traditional liquors are obtained.

A variety of products and services, expansion and consolidation in new markets, but above all, a decided orientation towards customer service that demands a spirit of ongoing improvement in the activity to surpass expectations. And at the same time we maintain the company's most outstanding seal of identity: quality, and a firm commitment to innovation as a key element for the future.


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